Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Volcano Hike

Tuesday I hiked a volcano outside the town of Berastagi with Simona, Marc & Thomas. This was the reason for coming to Berastagi and we had been concerned that bad weather would cause poor trail conditions and poor visibility as it rained for most of the prior 18 hours. But the clouds lifted and we made our way to the top, about two hours travel time via local bus and hiking.

At the top was a beautiful crater with fumaroles spewing steam, some extremely loudly. About 10 locals were down in the crater bathing or having a picnic lunch so we hiked down into it to join them. A couple of them wanted their photo taken with us, too, but by now we were old hands at dealing with our adoring fans.

We hung around for a bit, took some photos of our own, and then hiked an hour down to the hot springs. In the hot springs we were again welcomed warmly by the locals and more photos were snapped. Some nice ladies in the hot sulfur pool shared their snacks with us - sliced cucumber dipped in a very spicy brown sauce. Yummy.

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