Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bozeman Bound

It's been 15 years since I packed up my corporate job in cubicle nation and lit out for the mountains of Utah. At the time I clearly remember thinking: "I do not want to be one of those corporate America lifers I see around the office who sit in their cubes all day and seem to be satisfied with repetition and the status quo".

The skiing in Utah was phenomenal and Alta will always have a special place in my heart, but it wasn't a well-rounded fit for me. Summers were 100 degrees every day and Salt Lake City was, to be blunt, culturally vacant. The Mpls music scene was a big part of my life then, as were MN sports teams. And there was virtually no internet so it wasn't easy to keep up with things.

So two years in Utah was enough for me and I moved back to St. Paul. Its hard to believe I've been back here for 13 years now.

Its been a good 13 years, though, filled with a good income from a good job, lots of global travel, summer weekends at the cabin with friends and 6 years playing bass in a local rock band. Good times, all.

But good isn't good enough. I don't want to live a good life. I want to live a phenomenal life filled with consistently amazing experiences. I want to deeply explore different regions, cultures and geographies. I want it all and I want it now because, really, why should we allow ourselves to settle for anything less than amazing? We only go around this crazy world once, after all.
Barn & Bridgers near Bozeman

So I'm moving to Bozeman in July. It's been a long time comin and is a decision I did not make lightly. Many cities were researched and Bozeman's rise to the top was cemented by a visit there three weeks ago. It's a town of about 35,000 people plus Montana State University. It's only 15 miles to Bridger Bowl ski area, a family-run kinda joint without expensive spas and condos that reminds me of Alta in attitude and ethos. Bozeman has a healthy bicycle community, an excellent co-op, a local brewery, and x-c skiing and mtn biking trails easily accessible from downtown.
Jon & Kirk
At this stage in my life that's the lifestyle I'm looking for. I still haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do for work, but it looks like I'll be able to transition some semblance of my current job to this remote office, which could work out great.
Amy Q

I'm excited for the move and have started purging superfluous belongings, which always feels good. Thanks to everyone who's helped me talk through it over the past months. Now I can only hope that there's at least one nice single woman in Bozeman who can appreciate a simple gentleman from St. Paul, sans scruffy goatee, ponytail and duct-taped Patagonia pants.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, LotoMojo! Sounds like you're ready for a change and that'll be a good fit. From a single gal that did appreciate you;) -SaltyMarg