Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing Channels

This morning I dropped my cable box off at Comcast so I'll be cable-free my last week in St. Paul. Next week in Bozeman I've scheduled an internet hookup but decided to see if I can continue to live sans cable TV for awhile. After all, I'm moving to Montana to experience Montana, not to sit on the couch and watch TV just like I do in Minnesota.

I want this move to help spark lifestyle changes so unloading the cable TV will be the first. Being more healthy is also high on the list and I'm hoping it will be easier to eat well when I'm working from home. At the grocery store I'm pretty good about controlling my cravings, so if I have plenty of fresh fruit around for snacking then I'm hoping I won't be tempted like I am now. In my final week working downtown Mpls I will be seduced daily by the endless supply of fast food options within a 10-minute walk and the burger & fries grill in my very own building.

Hockey season is when push will come to shove regarding my television viewing. I'm hoping that and have ways to watch games online, but I haven't looked into it yet. In the era of Netflix I can see pretty much whatever movies and shows I want, anyways, so cable is becoming less necessary. Plus, its ridiculously expensive.

I've never been one to make new year's resolutions, but there's definitely some of that going on with my move to Bozeman -- new surroundings, new potential, new experiences, new habits.

So the test begins now of living without cable TV. Here's to hoping that I'll fill that time in new ways and won't even notice the loss.

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Kirk Ahlberg said...

Now it's 3.5 years since this post and I never went back to TV. Of course, there's still plenty of crap to watch on the interwebs.