Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's been feeling really good to purge in preparation for the move to Bozeman. I like to think I act relatively efficiently in a lot of ways, like when carrying lots of stuff from one location to another I'll always choose to carry more and heavier stuff each trip in order to minimize the trips. And I'm a quick-tear-the-band-aid-off guy, too. So ridding myself of lots of extraneous stuff that I don't really need is like delegating responsibility to other people for things at work, lightening the load both literally and figuratively.

The other part I like about cleaning house is that I always donate the used items to Goodwill. This weekend I made two trips and I'm happy to make the dropoff myself because it delays their trip to the landfill and allows others to appreciate them at a bargain price. Goodwill has done a tremendous job of making it easy to drive-thru donate with hours seven days a week that put the public library and neighborhood bank to shame. I always have a Goodwill pile that is slowly accumulating and make regular donations once or twice a year.

Here's a partial list of the things I'll be fine without:
  1. Keyboard, musical (early '90s vintage that I got for free somewhere)
  2. Thin screen computer monitor (maybe 13")
  3. Vintage suitcase
  4. Full set of silverware
  5. Miscellaneous pots & pans
  6. Voice recorder
  7. Throw pillows
  8. Books
  9. CDs & vinyl that Cheapo wouldn't buy
  10. Picture frames
  11. Jarts, the sharp original from the '70s
  12. Christmas tree stand, skirt, lights

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