Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Bikes

From prior posts such as this one, you may recall that I'm in need of new bicycles. When I say "new", of course I mean "new to me" because I've discovered that I really don't appreciate shiny, fancy, brand new bicycles with their high-modulus aero carbon frames and flashy color schemes that may or may not match the rider's display of spandex.

Yesterday I went for a mtn bike ride on my new (to me) Rocky Mountain along the shores of lovely Bozeman Creek. Here's a picture to prove it if you don't believe me:


And here's the new (to me) touring road bike I just purchased on eBay. It's a Trek 720 circa 1982 and appears to be in fantastic shape.

The great thing about a touring bike is that you can cruise around town on it like normal and also load it up with front and rear panniers for lengthy multi-day rides. The frame dimensions are a little elongated to make it more comfortable on long rides and it's built to allow for front and rear racks. I've never done an overnight bike trip before, but am looking forward to the experience. Not sure I need to be one of those folks who bikes across the nation or anything, but I think it'd be great to take some week-long treks around the great American West.

I did a lot of research over the past few months before making this purchase. It's very important that a bike's frame is the right size and I've found that here. The frame is steel which, while not as light as aluminum, makes for a softer ride on the road and is far cheaper than newfangled carbon fiber. The frame is the most important part because the component parts can be swapped out piecemeal if they are no longer up to snuff. It's the timeless, vintage steel frame that really attracted me.

It should be here in a week and I can't wait to give it a go.

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