Thursday, July 7, 2011

Next Chapter

I've now been an official resident of Montana for less than 48 hours. The drive out went pretty smoothly, except for the massive thunderstorm just east of Moorhead that caused traffic to pull over to the side of the interstate for about 20 minutes. It was raining and blowing as hard as you ever see, dropping visibility to dangerously low levels. It also allowed me to be witness to one of the greatest and most prolonged displays of lightning I can recall. For a good 30 minutes (and while driving 30 miles westbound into a presumably eastbound storm) the sky was aflutter with constant flashes, both within the clouds and classic strikes.

On the way out I also stopped in Medora, ND, the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a park I've been fascinated by ever since I learned that North Dakota actually had a national park. Later this summer after friend Jay's wedding I hope to mountain bike the Maah Daah Hey trail for a few days near there, so I was looking into that.

My first impressions of Bozeman are every bit as good as I'd remembered -- my house is a little more spacious than I recall and the mountains are even more beautiful when not hidden by springtime clouds and rain. The local food co-op doesn't have quite the selection I was used to at Mississippi Market, but it is within walking distance so it'll be a lot easier to make frequent healthy trips for fresh food.

Here's the house I'm renting. It's a three-bedroom with a small front porch and a two-car garage.
I'll do a little video tour and post it on here, too. The only bummer about the video tour is that the moving truck with all my furniture might not show up for another week, so it's empty for now.

Yesterday I went on two great hikes, one of them being up Sypes Canyon in the Bridger mountains on the north side of town. In this picture you can make out Bozeman in the background if you know what you're looking at.

I also drove up to Bridger Bowl ski area to check it out in summertime. I think it looks pretty imposing with the huge wall of granite staring down at you. And yes, all that terrain is skiable. Ski the cold smoke, as they say.

So yesterday I became a member of the co-op and today I got my library card -- I'm feeling like a true BozeMan. I've officially turned the page on the next chapter and so far it feels pretty damn good.


Anonymous said...


Have you killed anything and cooked it fer supper yet?


Kirk said...

Just a couple muskrats and a beaver. My pots and pans haven't shown up on the moving truck yet so all I have is a simple spit fire in the back yard.