Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vote 'em Out

The Minnesota legislature just ended a 20-day state government shutdown by agreeing to a collection of bills that none of the participating politicians like -- and they all admit it.

The people cannot stand for this and our ('re) only recourse is to vote 'em out of office.  All of 'em. How else will politicians get the message that it's not acceptable for them to not work together?

The problem is that, though an historically high percentage of Minnesotans may be out of work, most of the other 91% are too content with their big screen TV, their pets and their video games to get angry.  It was certainly interesting to see the surprising effects of the shutdown, like beer shortages and vandalizing of state parks.  But in the end, I'm not sure people care enough yet to take action.

One of the challenges of a democracy is that, to work as its supposed to, it requires the voting public to have a really good understanding of whats going on in their government. And as we know with all the political spin and personal facts out there these days, its nigh impossible for the people to achieve that. Instead we rely on politicians who have a personal conflict of interest because they're trying to get re-elected.

That's why I propose one-term limits everywhere. We can lengthen the term a bit, like maybe 6 years for a President and Governor. But you only get one term. There are plenty of qualified people to be in government so I won't buy the argument that "Strom Thurmond is doing such a fantastic job for the great state of South Carolina that nobody else could possibly replace his leadership", for instance.


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