Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recycle Cycle

Bozeman does not have curbside recycling pickup and its a little sad for me to see how reliant I'd become on that convenience. There's no glass recycling to speak of (though I think there is a place you can take it where it'll be hauled to a different county or something) and everything else needs to be completely separated -- plastics from cans and paper from cardboard.

There are two levels to this inconvenience. First, I now need a whole bunch of separate bins at home where I've gotten used to only having two. Second, I need to transport these items myself to one of the several recycling centers around town, mostly located in the parking lots of big box stores.

Today I made my first recycling run. Since I've cut back on soda in the past year I've been drinking lots of La Croix sparkling water in cans -- two or three per day. So I had 6 weeks of crushed cans to recycle and, as you may know, I'm not a fan of driving my car. That means that I'd take the cans by bike.

Fortunately I recently purchased a kickass handmade messenger bag from Andy at Trash Messenger Bags and it was up to the task. First I crushed all the cans down small so I could fit 'em all in the bag. Here's a picture of my bike and my custom designed Trash messenger bag filled with recyclables.

And here's the same photo but with the can bag out of the messenger bag. The messenger bag has a great volume.

I only had to bike about a mile to get to the recycling bins, so that's not too bad. The bigger challenge for me is that I need to set up more recycling receptacles in my house. I don't exactly have a convenient space for them so these multiple inconveniences are causing me some delay in getting a new system setup. But I'm making progress and should get it all together soon enough.

This massive pile of cardboard boxes left over from my move might require more than a bicycle, however. Or at least I'll have to borrow a trailer.

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