Friday, December 9, 2011

Bike Hack - Wine Bottle Water Bottle

There's been so much talk recently about the long-term side effects of plastics that every cyclist is looking for a better water bottle. Metal bottles are becoming popular, but many of them are lined with dangerous BPA and they cost $20 +$5 for the suckable lid adapter. So what's a healthy, thrifty cyclist to do?

It turns out that bottles of all sorts are actually already quite prevalent in our society, and that we don't necessarily need a unique bottle design for every different type of liquid we consume.

Glass recycling is limited in Bozeman -- you actually have to take bottles inside the local Target store where they collect and recycle them. With bottles piling up in my kitchen, I realized that perhaps there was an alternate use for them. After all, "reduce" and "reuse" come before "recycle", right?

I'll share with you my secrets of...

How To Make A Bicycle-Ready Water Bottle From A Wine Bottle

What you'll need:
* bottle of wine
* corkscrew
* receptacle in which to place the wine
* fingernails
* water

First, buy a cheap bottle of wine. This one cost me $3.99 at the co-op.

Next, we need to empty the wine from the bottle so it can be replaced with water. Take the corkscrew and remove the cork from the bottle. I choose to pour the wine into a wine glass and drink it, but you can do with it whatever you please. 

It'll actually take 3-4 glasses of wine to empty your bottle. Invite a friend, if you like, but sometimes I just like to keep it all to myself.

When the bottle is empty, rinse it out and remove the label. To do this, run warm (not too hot!) water over the outside of the bottle and use your fingernails to scrape off the label as if you were scraping them on a chalkboard. 

Now you have an empty bottle, into which can be placed virtually any liquid, including water! How exciting! 

Fill the bottle with water.

Finally, insert the full bottle into your water bottle holder. Notice how the neck extension naturally prevents spillage.

Voila! Enjoy your new BPA-free water bottle and watch the ladies' heads turn when you ride by in style.

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