Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome, Winter

Winter has come to Bozeman (in the MT) so I decided it was time to seasonally update the blog background and title image. Whaddya think? Alas, I don't have a lot of great BZN winter images yet, so I'll have to get on top of that.

These ones are from a few weeks ago, though. I've been doing lots of winter bike riding and really liking it. Riding on the snow, especially at night, is so quiet and peaceful. I put studded tires on the bike and have been testing them out in different conditions, still not exactly sure how much to trust them. The helmet goes on my head 100% of rides in these conditions (I'd gotten away from using it during casual summertime rides around town). And a balaclava underneath is a must to keep the windchill out.

I love the sound of snow, too --  that quiet squeak when you roll over it. The balaclava also covers my ears so it slightly muffles the sound, adding to the mellow pleasure of the experience.

This pic is from a ride around town about a month ago after our first snow...

These next 3 are from a trip to a nature preserve near Great Falls 2 weeks ago. I had the place to myself, riding along the 7-mile snow covered gravel road loop. I'd never seen a group (flock?) of 15+ pheasants at one time until that day.

Just me and the critters...rollin'.