Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Are Relationships For?

Read this the other day here and it really struck a chord with me...
So what are relationship for, then? I think they're for the growth of each person in the relationship. They may also be for comfort and security, sure, and for raising of children and sharing of financial resources, but there's no guarantee in relationships of any of these things. The one thing all relationships do – and are meant to do, I believe – is to challenge and support each person in their self-growth. If we think of relationships this way, then nothing that happens in them is a tragedy unless we make it so. Two people may grow apart. No tragedy. Two people may have struggles and conflicts together. No tragedy. Two people may break up. No tragedy. Two people may be more than two people. No tragedy. The only tragedy is if the people in the situation don't take full responsibility for allowing the relationship to help them grow and mature.

Relationships are primarily for self-growth and for supporting and challenging another in their self-growth.

I love it.

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