Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's In a Name?

Long distance hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail adopt trail names that they use when hiking. I believe this practice started years ago on the Appalachian Trail and has been carried over to the PCT.

For example, in the past few weeks I've met Camel, Camelita, Sideshow, Wild Card, Sad Fish, Banjo, Uke, Ewok, Shrek, ManBearPig, Leftovers, That Guy and Just Another Guy. The trail names are much easier to remember than normal names because they're so much more interesting and descriptive. 

My name is Cut-Out and there are two potential stories behind how I got the name. Which is most accurate?

1. While taking a zero day (day off) in Tehachapi, CA it was proposed by Camel that he and Salty Dog and I go see a movie. We went to the local theater for the late showing of the latest X-Men farce and may have been slightly under the influence. In the theater was one of those cardboard cutout movie ads for a summer buddy cop blockbuster starring Jake Gylenhal as the square desk cop and somebody else as the hip streetwise cop. Gylenhal's character was wearing nerdy glasses like mine so it was noted that he kind of looked like me. After the movie ended close to midnight we may have still been under the influence and thought it would be a good idea to steal the life size cardboard cutout. As the three of is exited the empty cinema we were greeted by the short "whoop" of a cop car siren that was parked right outside. Oops. Busted. 

2. I had to cut out a chunk from the side of my left hiking shoe because it was rubbing against that bone that sticks out from the side of my ankle. 

One of the above is true and left me with the trail name Cut-Out. 

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jm said...

I vote for #2 - you cut out a piece of your shoe. Although, the other story is more interesting!