Saturday, August 23, 2014

Daily Observations

  • 8/20: Pills? For the rest of my life? Are you fucking kidding me? It turns out that even if I eat a perfect diet rich in leafy greens, plentiful in micronutrients, and devoid of sugar ‘n booze I still wouldn’t be able to lower my blood pressure to a healthy level. This according to a preventive health care cardiologist who works with the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies. I guess the bright side is that I found it now and can relieve my genetic mutation before it does irreparable harm. I'll still be talking to a naturopath, however, for a second opinion.
  • 8/21: I’ve been obsessing over small houses lately. Not tiny houses that are under 200 sq. ft., but small houses that are under 1000 sq. ft. I plan to own one of these on a couple acres with a view some day, hopefully sooner rather than later. For me it could easily be a primary home, for simple living is a beautiful thing. But I also hope to have a second small home (condo?) in an urban setting.

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  • 8/22: A pet peeve of mine is going to a bar for a beer and being served a frosted glass. Don’t the idiots running the establishment realize that that the frost on the glass quickly turns to water both inside with the beer and outside where my hands are?
  • 8/23: The other day I was reminded, in a refreshingly humane way, that they still occasionally fuck you at the drive-thru. To err is human, right? Of course I forgave them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Daily Observations

  • 8/14: Since I backpacked for 600 miles along the PCT earlier this summer, one would think that I enjoy hiking. Today would seem to counter that argument because I’m at Grand Teton National Park and can’t get myself to gear up and go for a real hike. I’m quite content just to hang out in or near my van and chill, even though I’ve been sitting on my ass driving here for most of the past 2 days. The momentum of stillness can be overwhelming sometimes.
  • 8/15: Today is the day I worked up the courage and talked to Laura K. She’s mesmerized me from the first time I saw her but I always came up with reasons that she wouldn’t want to go out with me. We’ll find out Sunday if the agreed upon meeting takes place. #counteresperanto
  • 8/16: It took me all of 2 minutes being back in Bozeman to bump into a friend. I need to expand my horizons in Denver so I’m meeting cool new people. First up: volunteer next week at the Bike-In Movie event.
  • 8/17: It doesn’t even matter that the mesmerizingly gorgeous Laura K. canceled our date tonight, as I suspected she might. The most important thing is that I overcame my fear of approaching beautiful women and asked her out. Who’s next?
  • 8/18: Podcasts are the greatest thing for road trippin’ since the advent of the mix tape. Nothing like listening to 10 hours of humor, education and mind-expanding experts discuss whatever it is you’re into.
  • 8/19: Relationships are hard. Helping someone else figure out relationships is even harder.