Friday, November 21, 2014

Best Bands of All Time - #5 Afghan Whigs

#5 - Afghan Whigs

I'm certain you've been silently clamoring for the mathematically convenient fifth addition to my Best Bands of All Time after I left you with the legendary Run Westy Run at #4 almost three years ago. While the silence of your clamoring hasn't exactly kept me up at nights, it may have mystically transmitted to me the mesermizingly smooth and gritty sounds of Cincinnati's Afghan Whigs over the past few months.

The video for 1993's "Gentlemen" captures their essence quite well...

The Whigs were one of my favorite bands of the '90s but somehow I got away from them. Perhaps it was because they quietly faded away in 1998 after their album 1965. Perhaps it was because lead singer Greg Dulli went on to continue his beautiful work with the Twilight Singers.

I dunno.

The Whigs wormed their way back into my regular playlist a couple months ago when I began taking long walks. They haven't left. For some reason I decided to give 1965 another listen after never really appreciating it. I suppose it was their new album and tour (that I did not attend) that brought them back to me. At any rate, they have this gorgeous style of soulful white-boy rock unlike any other.

It's clear now that the 1990s are when rock music peaked.

The Deets
If you could only buy just one album: Gentlemen
Best iTunes track to sample: "Fountain and Fairfax"
Best lyric: "Don't forget the alcohol / ooooh, Baby / ooooh, Baby" from "Milez is Ded" off of Congretation (1992)

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