Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Biking, Denver Edition

Winter rolled rapidly into Denver yesterday so I raced to prep my bicycle for the season.

Riding last night through the snow into the park and to the bar to meet the girl was sublime - far better than the date itself. 

The best thing about cycling in winter is the silence, the neighborhood's noises muffled by fresh snow. It was cold so my path was mine alone - no pedestrians, no cyclists and few cars. 

The second best thing is the solitude. 

The third best thing is the cold beer waiting upon my return. 

Here's my bike with newly mounted studded tires.

This will be my first winter living in a place as balmy as Denver and it is my understanding that the snow here rarely stays around for more than a few days. The studded tires will be overkill for much of the season so when the roads are clean I'll ride my other bike. 

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