Friday, January 2, 2015

Children & Education & World Travel

I was thrilled to read a post from the good folks at Bumfuzzle that finally explains their philosophy on educating their children. What thrilled me was that it's the same philosophy that I dug out of somewhere inside myself in the past year.

Note: Bumfuzzle is a blog written by a married American couple who have two young children, maybe 3 & 5 years old. They slowly travel the world via boats and vintage RVs and it appears as if their children are having an amazing experience. How fantastic for children to grow up being exposed to such cultural variety (both good and bad) as a way to shape their minds into those of thoughtful, caring global citizens. After all, the whole world is our neighbor now, and it's best we all learn to get along.

About a year ago after I quit my corporate career and was re-examining my values & life goals, I realized that a key reason why I've never wanted children was because I didn't want to be tied down to one school system for 18 years like most American families. But I realized it could be different. I realized raising children might not be so bad if I simply took them adventuring all over the world with me and their mother (this is obviously all strictly hypothetical, you understand).

I believe I'm not so much against having children of my own as much as I'm against settling down.

Their education would be more informal and more well-rounded and would be influenced by the great cultures of the world. They wouldn't be taught something just so they can pass the test and make the school look good. They'd learn languages at a young age when it's easier for their brains.

Anyways. I'm sure there would be many challenges to such a lifestyle, but that'd be part of the adventure and part of the learning process.

Just so you understand: I still don't want kids. But if I did meet a wonderful woman who absolutely wanted children, this is the way I'd want to do it.

And now I'm just happy to be able to follow along as somebody else tests it out for me.

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