Monday, January 12, 2015


Alibi? wasn't me?

The other day I ended up on some website where you upload a photo of your face and it analyzes it for symmetry. It does this because people deemed most beautiful to the human eye tend to have a certain symmetry to their face.

Here's my results...

I am a 6.73 out of 10. Here's why:

  • Your face has poor horizontal symmetry
  • Your ears are too long for your nose
  • Your innerocular distance is too big for your eyes
  • Your nose is too wide for your face width
  • The ratio of your face length to face width is nearly ideal
  • Your mouth is too wide for your nose
It could have at least started with the one positive comment, right? In order to butter me up a bit before bringing down the hammer?


HMM said...

You're very attractive! Stupid computer! If your mouth is too wide for your nose and your nose is too wide for your face, then that just means you have a big smile. The world loves a great smile!

Kirk Ahlberg said...

You're too kind, HMM. But it's futile to argue with science.