Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yoga Instructors and Law Enforcement Officers

What is real?
How do we define reality?
And if it's so simple to look at a situation and see that thing x caused thing y to happen, then why is our political climate so unclear?

It's because each of us creates our own reality. Reality is a human construct that can only be viewed through human eyes, each of which carries with it a lifetime of experiences which shape how everything is interpreted by each of us.

As a result, we can have two well-educated people look at the same challenge and come up with entirely different ways to address it. In the arts the ability to view the world differently is considered a tremendous skill or even genius. In politics the same skill is often divisive.

The great thing is that we each get to choose our own path in life. Even at those times where we think we don't have any choices, we really do still have an infinite amount of choice. It's just that our perception of how appropriate some of those choices are affects our reality and hence our decision making.

Still with me?

So when choosing a career, for instance, we can choose to surround ourselves with love or surround ourselves with hate. Yoga instructors have chosen to surround themselves with positivity, peace, good health, empathy and love. Law enforcement officers have chosen to surround themselves with negativity (and it shouldn't have to be said that obviously we require this role in our society).

I had never thought of it in this exact way before, but last week I realized that I'd rather go through life as a yoga instructor (i.e. surrounding myself with positivity) than as a law enforcement officer.

I'm choosing to do what I can in life to surround myself with peace, good health, empathy and love. What do you choose?

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