Sunday, April 5, 2015

Skål to Rik

Skål to my father Rik who died this morning from esophageal cancer one day shy of his 78th birthday. If you don't have aquavit, feel free to raise a cold can of Blatz or Hamm's.


samh said...

Skål, Rik. I sincerely hope the polka tune about there not being any beer in Heaven is a total load of b.s.

Hang in there, Kirk. Your friends afar have you centered in their thoughts.

melissa tiernan said...

I came to this site from another and this is the first post. I guess it's weird to hear from a total stranger, but many condolences on the loss of your father. I'm sure it meant a lot to have you there with him, and hope you take a few breaths for quality self-care in moving through such a significant passage. Safe journey back from the surreal return to childhood suburbs.
All the best, a fellow human

Kirk Ahlberg said...

Thanks, samh & Melissa. It feels amazing to receive such wishes both from old friends and new.