Sunday, July 12, 2015

Old Man of the Inland Sea

Here's how I spent a rather joyous evening yesterday.

1. Was checking out this cool River Signal blog where some folks are cruising down the Mississippi River on a pretty sweet boat and chronicling their journey in story and with local musicians.

2. There I saw this performance video from Mpls musicians Tree Party

Tree Party from The River Signal on Vimeo.

3. I dug the song so I checked out the band's website. It turns out they made an album last year that's compiled of songs all based on interesting historical characters in Minnesota lore like John Beargrease and Dorothy Molter, the famed root beer lady of the BWCA.

4. Their website contained this super cool animated video of the same song that they performed on the boat (above) -- Helmer Aakvik: The Old Man of the Inland Sea.

5. I wanted to learn more about Helmer so I googled him and found this historical account of his harrowing adventure on Lake Superior back in November of 1958

Good times. Great music combined with a sense of discovery and learning about historical personages. 

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