Friday, October 30, 2015

Early Thoughts On Veganism

Last year in October I went hunting for the first time ever and killed a few pheasants. I've eaten meat my whole life and no doubt have countless objects in my possession that include animal product of some sort in them. As hunters like to say, hunting (for food, not trophies) is a more honest way to eat meat than buying it wrapped in plastic in a store.

But it occurred to me the other day that we as humans (at least in developed nations) now possess the knowledge to grow and eat healthy foods without killing other animals.

And I know we have incisors which historically have been used for tearing meat from the bone. That makes complete sense because historically that's what humans did.

In my personal journey through life I'm beginning to wonder if "because it tastes good" or "because my ancestors did it" are valid reasons anymore to take the life of another living being. And after watching the film "Cowspiracy" on Netflix the other day it sure seems like raising cattle and the clear-cutting of rain forests in order to do more of it is a huge contributor to global warming.

Those are my current thoughts. Soon I'll be traveling to Argentina where they love beef more than any other nation on the planet. Right now I probably eat beef once or twice a month. Dairy (ice cream) and eggs, though, I eat multiple times per week.

I'm not sure where this will lead for me, but I just wanted to record my thoughts as of now.


Anonymous said...

Like this! Never thought I'd hear you say it...but I like it! -Dan

Kirk Ahlberg said...

I could give up beef fairly easily, but giving up ice cream may be beyond my power. The biggest challenges for me are that I don't like cooking and I doubt if I'm militant enough about these ideals to actually change my habits.

M said...

You should put India on your world tour list. Even Bourdain, the most militant of meat purveyors, has said they have the most kick ass vegetarian cuisines and flavors that neutralize the need for animal in the dish. I would say that applies to a huge part of SE Asia as well.

Kirk Ahlberg said...

Thanks for the tip, "M" (if that is your real name). I'm realizing that if I want to explore veganism further then Argentina probably isn't the best place to start my travels. One more reason to go to India after China.