Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Staying Healthy While Traveling

So far in my new world of travel I've been doing a good job of staying healthy. Historically when I'd travel for a week or two it made for an easy excuse to go out drinking every night and eat gelato and fried street food daily. But if this is to be more of a lifestyle then I can't be doing that. For long-term traveling to be a sustainable lifestyle for me I need to be more conscious about what I'm putting in my body and also about what is coming out of my wallet.

Eating & Drinking

Around town there are many little markets selling fresh fruits and vegetables so I've been picking up apples and bananas and kiwis to carry around with me as snack food. The hostel has a kitchen for residents, but I'm still really not a fan of preparing food so I'm not sure if I'll use it. Yesterday I found a little bakery near the Spanish school and had a tasty veggie quiche kind of deal for lunch - $3. Today is my fifth day and I still haven't drank any of the famous wine (quality vino can be had for $5/bottle) or eaten any of the legendary steak ($10 for the best steak of your life, I'm told). Tonight might be the night for yoga followed by steak and wine, however.

The hostel breakfasts have been disappointing health-wise, but I bought some granola at a grocery store last night in order to spice up the thin yogurt that they serve along with bananas, bread and sugared cereals. The below photo is my breakfast this morning and I imagine it will be for the better part of the next month. The tea is matte and, after vino, it's the national drink of Argentina.


Last night I went to a yoga class and it felt great. In fact I'm much more interested in doing more yoga and not even partaking in the whole tango scene. Tango dancing is a deep part of the culture in Argentina and I feel like I should do it because of that, but I really don't care much for dancing and would rather spend a couple evenings a week doing yoga. Over the past year I've really learned to enjoy yoga and prefer it to working out at the gym or going for a run.

Yoga isn't quite as expensive in Argentina and last night was also a good way to meet some other foreigners. The class I attended was recommended by a German student in my Spanish language class and also acted as an impetus to get me on the subway (crowded like Tokyo at rush hour) and out to a charming neighborhood that's about an hour walk from where I'm staying. After class I walked home in the dark and was refreshed by the cooler evening air.


In other news, first day of Spanish class yesterday was great. There are just 4 of us in the class -- me, a guy from Chicago, a woman from Germany and an Austrian gentleman. Good folks, all, and the four hours of class went by surprisingly rapidly.


Karin said...

I should take a lesson from you - more yoga and tea, less vino! Will work on that!! :)

Amanda and Suze said...

All sounds amazing, except a 4 hour Spanish class-YIKES!

Amanda and Suze said...

All sounds amazing, except a 4 hour Spanish class-YIKES!

wotboy said...

I would pay a lot to see your square Norwegian ass Tango.

Kirk Ahlberg said...

Mike, I think you've helped me figure out how to keep traveling forever: I'll tango publicly for shame money. It'd probably work with the samba in Brazil, too. People will pay me to stop dancing.