Monday, December 21, 2015

Buenos Aires & Bariloche Photo Dump

Here are some more photos from my final days in Buenos Aires and a couple days in Bariloche. Bariloche is in northern Patagonia in the Andes mountains about a 2 hour plane ride from Buenos Aires.

This is the town of Tigre, about 30 miles north of Buenos Aires. It is on the delta of the Rio Plata and has a cool network of river channels. There are many boats, rowboats, and kayaks plying the river.

Flor was my Spanish teacher in Buenos Aires and Daniel is my Austrian buddy who was in class with me for four weeks. Three people told me yesterday that they were impressed with my Espanol after only a month of studying. Kudos to Flor!

My final night in Buenos Aires was a late on. This photo was taken around 4am, I believe. Left to Right is yours truly, Daniel, Sandra (German) and Peter (Swiss). They are all friends from the Spanish school.

This photo was taken at the Hard Rock Cafe at the smaller of two airports in Buenos Aires. It is clear by the axe that this establishment falls lower on the Hard Rock totem pole. The plaque reads: Adrian Vandenberg, Whitesnake. Apparently David Coverdale's flowing locks and Tawny Kitaen's dress from the "Here I Go Again" video were unavailable.

On to Bariloche, Argentina in the mountains. Feels more comfortable than being in the big city for a month. Went on an awesome bike ride yesterday along the roads that twist near some amazing lakes and mountains. It felt a lot like Banff or Glacier N.P. but with about 1/20th the people. I also finally found quality craft beer in Argentina. Some of the brews in Buenos Aires were seriously gag-inducing, but Gilbert Cerveceria has a kickass IPA that suits my American taste for some bitter hoppiness.

Beauty. Not me...try to tear your eyes away from me and see beyond...

Tomorrow I'm heading to El Bolson which is a small town of about 10,000 just about two hours south of here by bus. It started as a hippie commune in the '60s so it'll be a good place to relax for a bit. I'll stay there through Christmas, do some hiking, and chill out. Need to work on my book, too. After that I'll head to El Chalten where I have a line on a used touring bicycle that I will be able to ride up through Chile to Santiago. Hopefully the bike fits me alright. But before heading north I'm meeting a friend from Denver who works on a research ship in Antarctica. She'll be in Punta Arenas, Chile and we are going to go backpacking in Torres del Paine national park for a few days. Epic pics to follow.

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Work you your book? Somehow I missed that you were doing this. Details please!