Friday, July 15, 2016

One Night in Rio: Bip Bip

There were only six chairs in the tiny establishment, each filled by one of the six women playing music -- two acoustic guitars, two tambourines, one bongo drum and one Garfunkel. They were playing mellow Brazilian samba songs which I didn't know, but enjoyed. After a song the people listening snapped their fingers to show their appreciation. Do the neighbors get pissed if there's too much noise? That would seem odd for Rio.

If you wanted to listen you grabbed a chair outside or stood on the sidewalk (the empty chair you see on the right of the photo was, along with me, on the sidewalk). The musicians didn't give a shit if there were people there or not, never looking out at the audience of 10-20 people while I was there. They were there for themselves. They were there for the music.

If you wanted a beer, you could help yourself to the selection of five different local swill brews in the fridge back behind the counter. Just make sure to let the owner know -- he's the chubby short guy with the grey beard and the unbuttoned shirt sitting just outside the bar next to the adding machine and the baskets of change.

I paid three dollars for two cans of beer and one hour of sweet music in a kickass local setting. I guess this sorta thing happens at the Bip Bip most weekend nights. I shall return.

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