Monday, August 15, 2016

Best Music Experience in Rio: Bip Bip

Looking for the best music experience in Rio?

Then look no further than the Bip Bip near Copacabana beach. My first experience was described here, and now there's a handy infographic! Everybody loves infographics, right?

1. Feel right at home at the Bip Bip by helping yourself to a beer in the fridge at the back of the room. There are a few different kinds of light pilsner swill to choose from. A can will set you back 5 Brazilian Reals which, at the time of this writing, is about a buck fifty.

2. The proprietor is the gentleman sitting on 3 stacked plastic chairs at the table out front of the establishment. Tell him your name and how many beers you took. He'll jot it down in his notebook and you can pay when you leave.

3. Now find yourself a comfortable place to stand on the sidewalk outside the Bip Bip. As you can see, all the chairs inside are taken up by the band. The band plays hootenanny style and you may see band members changing instruments and different players joining and leaving throughout the night. The band is not mic'd and can be a little quiet, so you'll want to shut your fat trap and listen to the music. People making too much noise (e.g. light conversation) are subject to being shooshed or reprimanded by the proprietor.

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