Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Great Music in Rio

Previously I wrote about the best music experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here are a couple more great options.

For jazz, I've really enjoyed Tuesday nights at Assis Garrafaria in the Cosme Velho neighborhood. It is a bistro with a large craft beer selection, but the jazz is the highlight for me (the craft beer in Rio often costs over 30 Brazilian Reals which is almost ten bucks).
The only downer about this night was that the bass player was playing one of those minimalist electronic stand-up basses. I hate those things. Guitars and stand-up basses are beautiful pieces of art and I enjoy drooling over a finely crafted instrument as much as the music coming from it.

But the most enjoyable music experience I had was delivered by the 88-year old grandma of my friend Debora. Here she is jamming out some traditional numbers on her accordion.

The video is interrupted when the author couldn't resist a dance with his videographer.

And then she moved to the piano, like a modern day Jobim.

Good times in Rio.

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