Monday, September 12, 2016

My New Website:

There's a new easy-to-use resource for people who are dealing with losing a parent:

I know, I know. The name is blunt. There are already plenty of touchy/feely-titled resources about grieving and loss and such. This one is different.

The purpose is to help adult children of dying parents with the nuts and bolts that go beyond care-giving and grieving. It is intended for families who's parents don't work with a trusted attorney and a veteran financial planner that have all their interests tied up with a nice pretty bow. My goal is to reduce the stress on families in an already stressful time by simplifying a heretofore overlooked perspective.

In 2001 I lost my mother to ovarian cancer and in 2015 my father to esophageal cancer. One of the things that jumped to my mind after learning that my father was terminal was:
Holy crap! What are all the things that my sister and I need to sort out with him before he dies? Is his will up-to-date? What about his desires about health care and comfort as he nears the end of his life? Are there any stories or words of wisdom or anything that he wants to share with us?
All of those thoughts were piled on top of the already stressful job of care-giving, which I did along with my sister for the last 4 months of his life after his diagnosis and during his rapid decline. He wanted to stay at home and being back in my childhood home taking care of him was the most stressful thing in my life. I don't even have cats.

When I went online searching for help, I did not find what I was looking for. Sure there are a million books on grieving. And there are a million financial planners and attorneys who do estate planning -- working with the parent to get all their affairs in order. But what for the children of a parent who didn't do all that planning? I found nothing.

I started writing a book that will become a resource that weaves a little personal memoir into a step-by-step guide for adult children of a dying parent. It needed a companion website and so was born

It is version 1.0 as-of this post and I welcome any and all feedback.

It offers two free resources -- a checklist and a guidebook. I want it to help people now and to begin building a brand that I can be leverage later into a small business via the forthcoming book, consulting and speaking engagements.

Feel free to reach me through the contact page on the site with any thoughts or feedback.

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