Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Love, And Do As You Please

What an amazing 18 months it's been.

I'm back in Minneapolis after a life-changing journey that involved mind-expanding experiences in Patagonia, the Amazon, Mexico, Japan and Thailand. What began as an exploration of the sights & cultures of the world evolved into an inward journey, the spiritual likes of which I would have pooh-poohed only a couple years prior.

I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to travel. I have learned and grown so much more than I ever expected and now it's time to reintegrate into American society and see how that goes. My goal is to be of service to others, but I'm not really sure what form that will take. I also want to ski Bridger Bowl a lot next winter.

Last night I arrived in Minneapolis and in the next few weeks I'll be making my way back to Bozeman, the place that feels most comfortable to me right now. The plan is to stay through next ski season and then see if I want to go travel some more or if I'm content to settle down, at least for a bit longer. There's still a lot of work to be done on Prepared Passing, so that will be a focus of mine in the coming months.

I'm excited to go back to Bozeman. Most of the friends I hung out with a few years ago have added either a spouse or a child to their life, so it will be great to see them. Plus, I'll be reaching out to a new group of spiritual folks that I didn't connect with a few years ago.

As far as how I have changed, I think it can be summarized by saying that I've realized that there is a striking congruence to the contemporary understanding of quantum physics and the ancient experiences of monks & mystics. Listen to this recent On Being podcast where the amazing Krista Tippett interviews Columbia University physicist Brian Greene. Then listen to this Be Here Now podcast where Ram Dass (formerly Harvard psychology professor Richard Alpert) shares stories from his time studying under masters in India in the late '60s and early '70s. These, along with the hundreds of other podcasts and dozens of personal experiences I've had in the past few years have led me to believe a few things:
  1. Chi, or energetic life force, is a real thing and we can feel it in our bodies if we only allow ourselves the peace and quiet through which to listen
  2. Our brain is not always our friend. It likes to take short-cuts and it grows based on what it is fed, good or bad.
  3. Our five senses mislead us as to the true reality of the universe. Think about all the animals who have superior eyesight or hearing or smell, the ones who know that an earthquake is coming, and the birds who migrate by following the earth's magnetic fields. We see but a thin slice of the ultimate reality.
  4. There are infinite parallel universes, and together they make up the the infinity of the infinite consciousness/God/Tao being aware of itself.
  5. Desire of what we do not have is one of the greatest causes of human discomfort.
    1. Rule to live by: Love, and do as you please. 
This understanding is a work-in-progress for me, so I don't expect it to make sense to everyone reading this. 

I share it here as a way for me to capture this moment in thought. I share it as another reference point for those of you who may be of a similar mind. I share it as a warm introduction for those who don't get it or don't have the time to think about this stuff. I share it to help me figure out what my next chapter will be about.


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samh said...

Excited share many dinners and conversations with you in the near future, Kirk!