Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bozeman Re-Bound

After nearly a 3-week pause in Lander, WY waiting for my car to be fixed, I arrived back in Bozeman, MT yesterday afternoon. I've got a little deja vu as reflected by this post from 2011, the first time I moved to Bozeman. For some reason that post is by far my most popular one on this blog and it was fun to re-read it today.

I left Bozeman early in 2014 to pursue a business opportunity in Denver. When that didn't pan out, I sold everything I owned and began backpacking in South America. After 18 months traveling and a series of life-changing spiritual experiences, I now find myself back in Bozeman. But as they say, a person never steps into the same river twice. Bozeman has changed. I have changed.

It'll be fun to re-connect with Bozeman friends and I'm excited to check out the new Bozeman Dharma Center and make some new friends in that world, too.